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Happy Caturday y’all

2021.10.16 22:51 Akazgru Happy Caturday y’all

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2021.10.16 22:51 DamnInteresting Could a trillion-dollar coin solve the U.S. debt ceiling crisis?

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2021.10.16 22:51 MoneyIsntRealGeorge Question about…freezing?

I did something sort of dumb. I had a plant that was in rough shape, had PM etc. I did a Hydrogen Peroxide/lemon juice/baking soda wash and trimmed it in my handy bowl trimmer. But I had an emergency and couldn’t dry it in time so what I did was I threw it in a freezer bag and froze it.
So my question is…what can I do with it? It’s in some nice nuggets now but I was considering making some cannabutter. Could I just throw the nugs on a tray and put it in the oven on a low temp until it’s dry?
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2021.10.16 22:51 Correct-Pop-4685 Xbox Series S

Currently have the one X. Is it worth an upgrade? I okay only online, will I get the 60fps?
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2021.10.16 22:51 Bossatronial_1 Best online sunglass replacement site for not too expensive?

Hello, I bought a pair of Dior Delicacy sunglasses, but the listing that I bought didn't say that the lenses were prescription. I would like to get them replaced with non-prescription lenses for not too expensive. I saw a few sites that ranged from $30-60 but not sure which one would be the best. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!!!
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2021.10.16 22:51 LeakLab [Leak] King Von x Yungeen Ace - Take Off

dm me
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2021.10.16 22:51 AnotherKanhara Batfleck's new suit on the ground covered in blood, doesn't bode too well

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2021.10.16 22:51 krytalo How do you view plot twists?

A great plot twist is one you could have seen coming but didn’t.
A good plot twist is one you sensed or suspected.
An ok plot twist is one you couldn’t have seen coming.
A bad plot twist is one you knew all along so it wasn’t a plot twist.

How important do you think plot twists are important for a story? And how much is too much?
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2021.10.16 22:51 Big_blue_Bear82 Would these recent blood test results constitute being put on a trt protocol?

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2021.10.16 22:51 JellyBellyWow What's a story you didn't want to read at first, gave it a chance eventually, and ended up loving it?

Title, basically. A story you looked at, went "eh" but eventually gave it a try anyway due to boredom/lots of recommendations/curiosity? For me it's "Actually, I was the real one". I kept seeing it recommended but I just... didn't feel like reading it? I kept postponing it until a month ago and finally gave it a try, and ended up reading everything in 2 days!
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2021.10.16 22:51 xdragon2k Twin Turbo Eating Pudding [Umamusume]

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2021.10.16 22:51 Durass Side effect question

Is it possible for the PfizeModerna vaccines to elicit a worse (aka severe) immune response than the covid 19 virus? As far as I see it, every side effect also exists in covid, and the mRNA instructions create a subset of the virus (the protein) and therefore subset of the symptoms. Is it possible to have worse side effects from the vaccine than from the covid disease? I am asking on an individual level too. Statistically it seems it is not possible, but it is possible for an individual to react worse to the vaccine than the virus?
PS: I am talking about conditions perfect otherwise, good intramuscular inoculation, no contaminants existent etc
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2021.10.16 22:51 Dsg1695 Was this guy wrong for not following up with me?

I’ve been speaking to someone from bumble via text for around 3 weeks, I think last weekend he initiated wanting to meet up this Saturday (today). We haven’t been speaking as consistently this week, it was usually daily outreach. This week, there were times were I felt like another response from me wasn’t needed, I ran out of things to speak about. The last time I heard from him was Thursday, he is usually the first to see my Snapchat stories. I posted one yesterday morning and he didn’t view it until later in the day, I’m assuming he isn’t interested any longer. I don’t want to initiate going out today, when he asked about it last week he said he was going to sort out the reservation. I ended the plans conversation with “let’s aim for Saturday”.
TL; DR: If it was still going to happen, I feel like a time to meet would have been sorted out now. Already 4PM est by me now
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2021.10.16 22:51 VAMSI_BEUNO The Pioneer Plaque was a series of pictorial figures made in an attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial beings was sent into space in 1972-73.

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2021.10.16 22:51 officialrats Steven's fireplace (and much of his home) is so mid-century inspired. Love the thought that went into the interior design.

Steven's fireplace (and much of his home) is so mid-century inspired. Love the thought that went into the interior design. submitted by officialrats to stevenuniverse [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 22:51 The_Amazing_Emu Is Ocean View's reputation deserved?

I'm moving apartments soon and I'm seeing a few places in Ocean View (one within five blocks of the beach). I've always heard from people in the area that Ocean View is seedy and not a nice place to live. Obviously, I've never lived there but it's never seemed all that bad when I've driven past or gone to a couple of stores. What are people's thoughts?
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2021.10.16 22:51 Jonathan4tw BEWARE BEFORE YOU BOOST

Make sure you establish a connection via chat before b4b.
People come on here wanting boosts4boosts NOW and end up getting fucked over by the sheer amount of people in the same position.
Before you boost someone make sure you:
• establish a concurrent chat with them that is not less than -5 minute reply stating an agreement of a boost for boost
• vet the account, if its less than a year old be suspicious.
• wait why isnt there a system for this?!?
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2021.10.16 22:51 CaptinDerpII The younglings!

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2021.10.16 22:51 vibewithsnott [Leak] Money June - Whippen Yams (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Link is in the discord:
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2021.10.16 22:51 eskkrima vera farminga’s crying in the conjuring is so annoying

every time i see her, she’s crying. yeah i know she’s fighting demons but i be fighting demons too and you don’t see me gasping and wheezing
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2021.10.16 22:51 deku_wife4233 This is Benjamin (my other oc) still working on him

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2021.10.16 22:51 heyitsmorganc Applicant Center Bugs

Hey Guys!
Has anyone experienced weird quirks and bugs with the applicant center during this first app cycle? I had issues last week waiting for the regional pref tool to get fixed and just logged in and noticed that Step 3 has yet to close and choices can still be edited even though it was suppos f to clos yesterday😅I'm overthinking things but if someone can confirm the same thing, that would be great! Gracias!
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2021.10.16 22:51 noelliked Naruto secretly doesn't care for Sasuke.

Lf for some fics where Naruto is duty bound to find Sasuke and make him return because of his promise to Sakura. Also Naruto secretly hates/just doesn't care for what happens to him.
I'd prefer no ships for Naruto but other than that Idc.
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2021.10.16 22:51 iWantToDeathLOL Never knew Will made sounds for minecraft, lmao

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2021.10.16 22:51 Malekutay The real question...

Could the character have killed those eagles if he wanted? Hmmmmm???
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