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Should I upgrade?

2021.11.27 00:10 RimuruPlayz Should I upgrade?

Currently I am rocking a Gigabyte Aorus B450 M. I am using a Ryzen 5 2600. I found that the Gigabyte Aorus B450M Pro is on sale. Should I upgrade?
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2021.11.27 00:10 cr7770 Calorie Intake Simplified

As a fitness enthusiast, I love showing people that gaining muscle or losing fat isn't as hard as it seems. Understanding Calorie Surplus, Deficit and maintenance are key to building a solid foundation. Therefore, I spent some simplifying things in the blog below.
Share with family and friends to help them understand the fundamentals of nutrition!
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2021.11.27 00:10 TouristGlobal8149 Favorite white haired character

View Poll
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2021.11.27 00:10 OfficerDougEiffel [Request] How many joules to cut through a person?

Asking for a writing project.
And if it's not too much extra work, how realistic is it for a highly trained medieval swordsman, in ideal conditions, to cut through one person's torso? How about two?
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2021.11.27 00:10 idontfindnamelol Should I replace licorice with cotton cookie?

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2021.11.27 00:10 marmar246 Black platform mid calf boot

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2021.11.27 00:10 spenpinner Hetsu's Gift Theory Smells Bad...

So, I was thinking about Goron nipples... That one guy had a point about the Gorons eating magma. I thought about the digestive process, how your body breaks down fibers and proteins, and how everything comes out as a nice piece of... you know what.
Then I remembered Hetsu's gift1. Why does Hetsu do this to us? After all the hard work we put in, this is what we get? ...and it smells.
Well, the answer might be because of photosynthesis, or the process of converting light into energy. It's an ability that things like plants or plant like things take advantage of, such as... Koroks! Furthermore, quite often is light acquainted with gold. In fact, the minish cap introduces the light force, or the golden light as a golden triangle.
However, Hetsu is mobile so he would need to consume matter in order to produce... crap. We don't necessarily know what his diet is... but... we do know what we... give him... lots of... Korok seeds... OH GOD WHY
So, I think it may be that Hetsu's photosynthesis process is quite literally converting light into the golden power! Thanks... Hetsu... yay...
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2021.11.27 00:10 Wonderful-Wolverine8 Meme

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2021.11.27 00:10 muzilov u-ZAh Igorivich "bleached since 1984" (front & back)

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2021.11.27 00:10 Lord_Jamba And then Barack Obama buys it for some reason

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2021.11.27 00:10 mikkokilla Old timer vs spring assist

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2021.11.27 00:10 paboy1245 It’s domination still worth it at this point since I just started playing or are the rewards outdated already

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2021.11.27 00:10 Matlabguru Python Array

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2021.11.27 00:10 IzabellaRotten Jessica and Kilgrave, along with the logo! (My drawing)

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2021.11.27 00:10 HussMan-Gaming We continue with A Way Out and I return from the moon and where still in the hospital, we finally see Vincent's wife when all hell breaks loose and the police are surrounding us! Hope you enjoy

We continue with A Way Out and I return from the moon and where still in the hospital, we finally see Vincent's wife when all hell breaks loose and the police are surrounding us! Hope you enjoy submitted by HussMan-Gaming to YoutubePromotionn [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 00:10 ThrowRAwifeobesity My (35m) wife's (34f) weight has become a serious problem.

I don't know exactly how much she weights but definitely over 300lbs. She's quite possibly exceeded 400 at this point. She refuses to go to the doctor. She hasn't seen a doctor since her pregnancy nearly 4 years ago. Back then she was maybe 200. So she was overweight to begin with, I didn't really care, as it wasn't effecting anything including my attraction. Then she just kept gaining and hasn't stopped. Suffice to say I very much care now.
There's some people who make a big deal out of a slight gain and I just want to assure that's not me. This is NOT just 20lbs we're talking. For proof that I'm not exaggerating: This is her a year ago around this time. And this is her from this summer for a different angle. You can clearly see her weight is a real problem.
Currently, she can no longer pick up our child (almost 3 yrs old) or keep up with him when he's running around getting into things.
She gets exhausted just going up the stairs. Can't carry laundry basket. I've taken over pretty much her entire share of housework. The only thing she'll help out with is cooking... because then she can make what she wants instead of what I make which is healthy.
She can barely fit in the car anymore. Don't know how she's going to get to work once that happens.
Her health is getting worse and worse. We've had so many conversations about the need to be healthier, for both of us. I'm not overweight but I'm not fit either. I've started working out. I always invite her to come with me and try to get her involved in light physical activity here at home. She turns it down every single time. She has the attitude of a child even saying "You can't control me, I'll do what I want."
I don't know what to do. She won't even try therapy. I think there's a mental issue blocking her from getting help, possibly depression. She says she's fine but a mentally well person doesn't eat themself to over 300 lbs. Something else is going on.
I'll never know what at this rate because she refuses to take a single step towards change.
And please be assured I'm not one of those guys with unreasonable standards. I do not need her to be a size 2 or to look exactly as she did before she gave birth. She doesn't need to become a fitness freak. She could be a little overweight like before and I'd be perfectly fine with that. What I do need is simply a wife who cares about herself, is healthy in the ways that people are able to control such as not binging on junk food every day, and wants to be fully involved in my and our son's life for many years to come. That is not an unreasonable expectation. I've said as much, which her reply is to call me an asshole. So that's what I have to work with. Things are grim.
To those of you who've dealt with this issue in a partner (or who were like this yourselves and your partner helped you out of it): How else can I motivate her to make this change?
TL;DR: Obese wife won't do anything to lose weight or address her mental health. I hate her weight but love her for everything else that she is, so I don't want to divorce her just for that, and also because we have a young kid.
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2021.11.27 00:10 kentguava LF: Razor Claw, FT: Razor Fang

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2021.11.27 00:10 toogoodtobetruedude Canadian creator here. Few questions about payout.

So i have Tangerine and Simplii bank account. I used to use TD for wire transfer payout but onlyfans started using the canadian payroll system and i decided to switch my bank from TD to tangerine as i don’t wanna pay td for all the banking fees.
So then fot a few months the payroll with tangerine worked well..except i did not get money in my bank account of about $400 usd for the week in late September. Ive been dealing with onlyfans support providing bank statements and stuff but they say theyre investigating. But only will let me know once they have any info. Anyone had similar problems?
Another question is..OF switched to wire transfer again a week ago so now that i don’t have TD anymore, i opened Simplii. The payout happens on Sunday night for me every week. So it was the past sunday. Now its Friday. And i haven’t got the money in my bank account. Have you guys had issues with delayed payout? Especially with Simplii? Will it eventually reach my bank? Its in usd so if it gets delayed i will be confused which week’s payout it is as it auto converts to cdn.
Thanks in advance ..
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2021.11.27 00:10 drynionph Kurai Inu - The dark Shiba | The next big Meme Project | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC |✨ Liquidity Lock |✨ Low Marketcap!!

⚡️ Kurai Inu - The dark Shiba ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

❤️ Kurai Inu is a sustainable Meme token, aiming to provide safety to investors through its’ own Decentralized Exchange and Private Dashboard! Buy, sell and trade on a Meme Project like never before!
Contract Address: 0x2ca8C731833945b9a792F6D167a8433C2d2B8644
♨️ SafetySwap - our Decentralized Exchange allows users to trade any token on the Binance SmartChain Network in a few, simple clicks, and has the added benefit of its own Staking platform and private KURAI Dashboard!

The Dark Shiba is a new Meme token which has gained a lot of hype in the past couple days!
✔️ Whitelist Spots to Win
✔️ Experienced Core Team
✔️ Exchange Platform coming soon
✔️ Huge Marketing plans

Tokenomics have been planned meticulously to provide security to our investors and create strong buy pressure! We have also introduced the incredible Kurai Boost Protocol – our Buyback mechanism – to increase the value of Kurai Inu.
Liquidity 2%
Boost Protocol 2%
Marketing 2%
Liquidity 2%
Boost Protocol 7%
Marketing 2%

Contract Address: 0x2ca8C731833945b9a792F6D167a8433C2d2B8644

⚱️ Pancakeswap

⭐ Website: https://kuraiinu.net/
⭐ Telegram: https://t.me/KuraiinuGlobal
⭐ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KuraiInuBSC

❤️ Do not miss out you are as early as possible! Come join the Community and to experience the next big project!
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2021.11.27 00:10 LightPlatnium Guys quick question do I take i7 11800H with rtx 3080 gaming laptop or i9 11980HK with rtx 3090

Will there be bottle neck issue for the i7 or is the extra $500 for the i9 worth it I kinda want my laptop to last for atleast 7-10 years in terms of gaming performance.
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2021.11.27 00:10 compulsive_planter New Years Recs

Visiting for New Years with some friends and was hoping to go to the Hofburg Silvesterball but its been canceled- anyone have some recommendations for a fun slightly fancy experience for some friendly canadians?
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2021.11.27 00:10 Crimson_Marksman How does asking for sex work?

I can't imagine that in a very close romantic relationship, someone has to ask the other for sex. Like, that sounds like the most nervous request in the world. When do you know when it's appropriate?
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2021.11.27 00:10 LimblessWonder Google Assistant no longer working when screen is off

I'm using a Galaxy s21 base model. I just updated a few days ago to the latest one UI and Google Assistant no longer works unless I have the phone open and unlocked. I use Google Assistant as an accessibility feature, it controls all my lights, thermostat, etc. Now when the screen is off and the always on display is on saying hey google, or OK Google does not bring up assistant. It works with Bixby but Bixby is somewhat limited and I can't run some of the routines that I use with assistant. Is this the bug? Or is this a new security feature? Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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2021.11.27 00:10 Momof21987 Plz help if u can

Hi iam a mom of 2 and I know everyone is having a hard time but I am looking for help to get my kids Christmas i have a Amazon wish list they made are if u can donate anything even if it only $1.00 $tabbybabe8787 anything helps https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3II60VOPDJW77?ref_=wl_share plz dont make me feel bad I already feel bad I can't get them anything
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2021.11.27 00:10 Uncle_Chef First proper workbench! Salvaged 4x4s, softwood 2x4s, 1/2" plywood and some lag bolts.

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