UPDATE: Beautiful Frames & ‘Painting’ Deconstructed

2021.11.26 23:13 keep_it_sassy UPDATE: Beautiful Frames & ‘Painting’ Deconstructed

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2021.11.26 23:13 Wayward_Prometheus Everybody talking about Bruised, while this masterpiece exists Follow Us on Instagram : https://ift.tt/3fQpgVh

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2021.11.26 23:13 Necessary_Author_308 🐕 Mega Shiba | Launching Now 🔥 BNB Auto Paid Hourly! 📈 | Automatic Liquidity Provision | Next 100x🚀

🐕Mega Shiba is the biggest Shiba of them all! $MEGA is a revolutionary way in earning passive income while helping charities around the world at the same time. Simply hold $MEGA tokens in your wallet and you will be automatically rewarded with BNB every 60 minutes! Mega Shiba hold a charity wallet which contains 2% of token supply. This 2% will never be sold however at the end of every month we will donate the BNB rewards gained to a charity chosen by our community. No Dev tokens.
🐕 NO Dev wallet!
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2021.11.26 23:13 Curryrabbit1 Forgot to send post-interview thank you email

Uhhh it’s been a week and a half, so should I still do it? Never knew sending this was a thing until I saw posts abt it on here. It’s also my ED school
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2021.11.26 23:13 supermariofunshine Civil war bean soup at DelGrosso's Park at the Harvest Fest. Who all's tried it before and what did you think?

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2021.11.26 23:13 BoardgamesArchivist Do you own table top?

Message me for my discord friend code to play sometime! I usually can get though three games a week. Since I can't post a direct link to my discord, just leave a comment and I'll send you my friend code in a message. Be warned, I have little knowledge of how to operate Reddit.
But in short, I've played games like Root, U-boat, Nations, Hedgemony and more. Always eager and looking to make new friends who have a few hours free.
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2021.11.26 23:13 PowerfulPrimary Syntax Party 2021

Syntax Party 2021 is happening in 1 HOUR! https://twitch.tv/syntaxparty
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2021.11.26 23:13 RelationHot-69 Trader Joe AVAX | Why become a Joe Partner? Farms incentivize users to provide liquidity for your trading pair by distributing CAKE to your pair's LP Token holders, plus co-marketing activities with the Trader Joe community, over 100k members strong. Apply for a Farm here:

Trader Joe AVAX | Why become a Joe Partner? Farms incentivize users to provide liquidity for your trading pair by distributing CAKE to your pair's LP Token holders, plus co-marketing activities with the Trader Joe community, over 100k members strong. Apply for a Farm here: submitted by RelationHot-69 to ShitcoinBets [link] [comments]

2021.11.26 23:13 Old_Bed8247 Little Santa🚀 | Just Launched | already 10x | Potential 100x | CG and CMC listing soon | A new member in Santa Token Family💥 | Santa Floki -King Santa

❗️Stealthlaunch 🔜
Gift from LittleSanta will be huge and big 👑
✅ Committed and SAFU Dev & Team.
✅ Liquidity Pool will be Locked
✅ Ownership will be renounced
✅ Marketing plans after launch.
✅ Low Tax
▶️ Coingecko
▶️ CoinMarketCap
▶️ YouTubeTwitteTikTok Promo
▶️ Social Media ads + Marketing
▶️ Press release / articles
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➡️Contract: 0x6DA0756aD83E46d75A1f6b1b79dCa9230421dB8D
➡️ Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x6DA0756aD83E46d75A1f6b1b79dCa9230421dB8D
➡️ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x6DA0756aD83E46d75A1f6b1b79dCa9230421dB8D#readContract
➡️ LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x56171507cdc9dea8895809980d779ba340d463c3
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2021.11.26 23:13 kingjamesis Why aren't there more audio-only adventures like The Vale?

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2021.11.26 23:13 pepperoni_thing Which game should they make next

View Poll
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2021.11.26 23:13 retinawrites 👀 It may get like that sometimes?🤣✏️📙

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2021.11.26 23:13 instant_dreams I want a NUC for a file server, LF recommendations

I've got a NUC as a media server and another as a security server. I'm looking for ideas for the following: * Run Ubuntu / supported Linux * Support USB3 JBOD enclosure * Does not have to be high end * Needs to be available in Canada
The Costco Canadadeal is good but a little over spec.
Memory Express are the same, little bit too powerful but a good price.
There's always Amazon Canada which have a set of solid options.
So, collected wisdom of intelnuc, what's a good Canadian source for a mid level file server?
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2021.11.26 23:13 tyw7 Self Declared Queen Of Canada Calling For US Supporters To Invade Canada And Prepare To Execute “Traitors”

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2021.11.26 23:13 damascuskillet7 Dude, these clouds!

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2021.11.26 23:13 ghostninelives Bought these from free_shipping_store. What do y’all think for $50?

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2021.11.26 23:13 Ksdud3 youth allowance & course ending

hey guys,
just wanting a little bit of help in regards to my course ending - i don't need job seeker (and i'm also no where near 22 years old). i'm a bit confused if there's anything i need to do on my end? the centrelink website says to book an appointment but upon clicking it's for job seeker (which again, don't need)
if anyone has some advice on what to do it would be greatly appreciated cheers. :)
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2021.11.26 23:13 avenueirregular Restaurant Blues :(

Just went out to eat with all of my husbands family. There’s only two grandkids: our three-year-old and my brother-in-laws one month old baby. Anyways, the original plan was to go to Chili’s— which I know it’s not the fanciest but it’s perfectly fine. But you know what they have at Chili’s? Mac and cheese, quesadillas, and grilled cheese sandwiches. The wait at Chili’s was going to be an hour so it’s decided we go somewhere else and everyone in the family was consulted except for us and they just texted us the address with the change of plans. They decided on the Thai and Sushi place. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Thai food, but you know what Thai places don’t have? Any semblance of a kids menu. Which means 0 things my toddler will eat or even try. We also were out and about before dinner so we didn’t have a chance to grab anything at home beforehand or feed him before we left. Even when it was brought up that he probably wouldn’t eat anything they said “restaurants deal with this all the time. They have rice and teriyaki and stuff.” Great. My kid won’t eat those. So we ordered him the only thing we thought he would maybe try: mango sticky rice and then spent a stressful meal trying to get him to try it while he screamed about not wanting to eat it 🥴. I just needed to vent. Now we’re back at home and my kid is eating a banana and yogurt. It can be so stressful going out to eat with toddlers. We’re really not picky! Just anywhere that has something he might eat please— even if it’s just a side of French fries. At least I have some mango sticky rice in the fridge I can eat later.
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2021.11.26 23:13 Anthonyleekchz Blast Premier, Sick Team Walk Out Introduction. Please give them a major run

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2021.11.26 23:13 neverbesober_ Moltres Raid taking anybody

Add me and show online 7334 6803 1004
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2021.11.26 23:13 IScopedJFK- Big Chungus: Classical Fantasy

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2021.11.26 23:13 sritalks You can lock/unlock any door/safe/locker just by laying your hand on it.

It can be of any complexity. Touch it and think it to lock or unlock.
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2021.11.26 23:13 Dependent-Tea2368 For educational purposes Is there any working SMS Flood scripts for python that work for the states?

And said for educational purposes I have tried many different Scripts from GitHub such as Speed X, T Bomb, get another SMS bomber and many other scripts throughout the site and not found any that actually are successful. Even though some read back as messages are being successfully sent they're really not because I have a spare device with service beside me that has full service as well as Internet connection and I never have received the first one even though it says successfully sent! Does anyone know of any working scripts for the states for educational purposes? I'm kind of new at learning coding otherwise would just write my own.
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2021.11.26 23:12 Single-Rub5013 player racism https://tabstats.com/siege/player/b00x/f39acc3c-029c-469a-881e-5583067f3dc3

player racism https://tabstats.com/siege/playeb00x/f39acc3c-029c-469a-881e-5583067f3dc3
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2021.11.26 23:12 LeafMario lgballt (link in comments)

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