Update post: Can I (and my doc) stop worrying? Is it quite clear I don't have Cushings?

2021.11.26 22:51 curiouslyge0rge Update post: Can I (and my doc) stop worrying? Is it quite clear I don't have Cushings?

First post: PCP thinks I have Cushings, two very respected endocs do not. Who's right? : Cushings (reddit.com)
The panic was caused by a blood draw at 4 PM of 15 ug (with a norm of <10) and a night salivary result of .23 (with a norm of <.1), with two normal salivary results.
Since then, I realized the blood draw was done 2.5 hours after I woke up (I have a strange sleep schedule), so naturally it will be higher. I also got my 24 hour free cortisol back and it is 16 ug/l and 50 ug/24 hr, both well within range. Waiting on three more salivaries back on Sunday-ish.

Can I exhale now? Is it looking more like not Cushings?
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2021.11.26 22:51 Joe_Shroe Please stop dismembering the genie

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2021.11.26 22:51 KJ86er Let the baddies win sometimes. Shake things up Marvel Studios...for the edgy fans

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2021.11.26 22:51 Starbuckker Aquaman is cool.

NOT the recent movie version though, or that iteration of the character at all.
I've always liked the concept of Aquaman un-ironically, despite of course enjoying the jokes too, I get it. But here's why I think he's cool

Forget the terrible movies, but do maybe out the book it's based on by Geoff John's. It's New 52 era stuff but one of the better ones. It's by far my favorite portrayal of the character, he's pretty well balanced and the overall story is pretty fun, good quick reading. Death of a Prince isn't bad for its era, but in all honesty you've got to have a pretty tolerant sense of humour to tackle anything before the 70s comic wise.
It's a shame they didn't adapt the New 52 book better considering Geoff was involved in the movie. Every casting apart from William Dafoe is awful.
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2021.11.26 22:51 nahmatey Live video from the Land

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2021.11.26 22:51 Gerix55 Is chinese late game beatable at all?

20 hand canoneer shoudn't be able to kill 60 horsemen in seconds
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2021.11.26 22:51 Holierthanhe Got Covid19 for the first time.

Interesting thing is that when I was travelling around the world frequently the virus never got me, and I wasn't vaccinated until a few months ago and only half vaccinated (I took 1 pfizer dose not 2). The virus got me in my own home city Minneapolis. I am not at a hotel isolating Until December 2.
This is no ordinary virus. I've been through flu viruses in the past and even Herpes virus too. This one is nastier than all of them. I got it like 4 days ago, but it started getting worse after 2 days. The first initial 2 days were fine and I was sorta beginning to feel the Chills, but after the first 2 days things went down hill and I straight became sick and went to Urgent Care. They gave me positive after they did nose swabs. In the past I never tested positive when I travelled the world, but I now tested positive.
I have a good immune system and the virus is really harsh on my lungs and chest. I'm feeling better now and feel like I am on way to get full recovery.
I didn't take the 2nd vaccine shot months ago because I kept hearing people were getting super sick from the 2nd vaccine shot.
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2021.11.26 22:51 ShinbrigGoku Found this clip from The Simpson's jab on the church and I lost it!!

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2021.11.26 22:51 --74-- Get the codes... get all of the codes.

Just a hindsight 20/20 from a recent FTHB. Make sure your real estate gives you *all* of the codes. Garage door codes, smart IoT appliance passwords, and be ready to reset everything to factory settings. I asked my real estate to get all of the codes, and didn't follow up with him when he said it was just my nest that needed to be reset. Now I can't use my garage door code--and try moving and not putting your garage fob in your moving van 😫 Ended up unloading in front of my garage and under my porch (of course it was raining)... so get the codes for everything!
Smart locks? Ask for the manual or get the model id so that you can grab it online by walkthrough
Nest or smart thermometer? Do a factory reset.
Smart washedryeoven/fridge? Make sure there are no device pairings and get the models/manuals by walkthrough.
Garage door... is there an outside code? Get this! Trust me, you'll need it--and you'll want the peace of mind being able to reset it without having to go the route I need to go and just replace the garage opener entirely (I don't like the fact that someone could have the code to my garage and I can't reset it)
Is there anything I'm missing? It's just the little things that make adjusting to the new place a hassle.
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2021.11.26 22:51 Professional_Bug_611 CANON A-1 : Aperture problem

I have a FD 35-70 f3.5 lens on a canon A1 whenever i try to shoot it on full manual (Removing the lens off of A and selecting the shutter) the shutter works but the aperture does not change on different Fstops it stays wide open. (it has no problem when in AV mode and the aperture works fine only on full manual. Any help?
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2021.11.26 22:51 someonewhoknowstuff An alien visits you. You get to play one rap song for them. What are you playing and why?

It's almost impossible to pick just one because we all go through phases of what we're listening to at different times. Right now I'd probably play Ballad of a Dead Soulja by 2 Pac because I've been on a Pac kick.
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2021.11.26 22:51 Skwisgarth Metamask swap?

 Whats up guys! I'm already in the game and going on my 2nd node in a week or so. But I got my father in law into the game and he wants to get a couple nodes. I told him nows a good time because the price is lower. But my question is about getting strong coin. I got it via Ku-coin, but I know another of people say uniswap is a good way to go as well. But what about the swap option in metamask itself? Has anyone had any luck with that? Thanks. 
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2021.11.26 22:51 Donovan_barnes This is the new Tyrone

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2021.11.26 22:51 Alive-Passion4582 Título zumbi morreu...

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2021.11.26 22:51 alex_leigh Hives? But more

I (23m) was just admitted to the ER and it seems like no one knows what’s going on. All the hives seems to start as a white ring with red in the middle and then spread from there. I woke up with an itchy scalp five days ago. (What we now assume was the start of the hives) day 2 i woke up completely covered in hives. Went to medical and they gave me Benadryl. Later in the day my throat started to hurt. Day 3 i woke up with intense joint pain and muscle fatigue - which we assumed was just from laying in bed not moving the past day. Later in the day my hives started turning purple. Day 4 my feet and hands had/have extreme sensitivity to touch and i can barley hobble around without groaning in pain Today is Day five. I woke up still barely moving and swollen feet. So I headed to the dr. And now I’m here.
I was so uncomfortable i couldn’t sleep. The doctors don’t seems to know where to begin and I’ve already been examined multiple times by multiple doctors.
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2021.11.26 22:51 realalexjean Bama will beat UGA

A better offense than UT. A better defense than Clemson.
In order for UGA to beat us, they will have to distribute the ball through the air effectively because they will not run it against us. The same goes for our quality of play. Bryce Young may be young, but he is best QB in the nation, and I put my trust in his play making ability.
I respect UGA’s defense and I respect how consistently well they play and execute. But they have not been tested. The only team to test them down field is Tennessee, and we saw how that went.
I’ve watched every single game and every team has played conservative against them.
I think calling A-gap runs half the time and swing routes are actually disrespectful against the Dawgs defense. It won’t work. But this is the game plan KY ran against them.
I predict we will pass well against them and play we’ll against their offense.
I think our defense will respond well to all the disrespect that has been thrown their way this year.
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2021.11.26 22:51 CorrectRub7522 🌟 Hamsta 🐹 | ⚡️ Just Launched ⚡️| 7% BTC Rewards Just by Holding | Ambitious Roadmap Including NFTs 🐹 | x100 Truly GEM 💎

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As Bitcoin's current success, holding BTC is not a bad idea.
🔥 Hamsta runs on the wheel to generate BTC for you! 🔥
🌟 It's being executed by a team of crypto lovers & investors from different parts of the world, with a huge development and marketing experience in the crypto sphere. There is no doubt about HAMSTA success.

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HAMSTA dreams of being the most impactful meme-coin this year. The team behind the project is very optimistic due to their experience and skills.
🔥 A huge marketing campaign is being developed in detail for post-launch. Our team of marketing experts are developing a strategy to grow the project month by month after launch.

🌟Follow HAMSTA on Twitter and Telegram for more information, and let's all run through the wheel to reach those BTCs rewards!

Contract: 0x7f030bc77e0a8389222a1daccfed64dec6a9c61c
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LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x4aC838b32a12A7B6488f25301308854D7350008D
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x7f030bc77e0a8389222a1daccfed64dec6a9c61c#readContract
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2021.11.26 22:51 Severe_Peach Need help with the genre of my novel

My novel is YA with romance, take place in the modern world, and mainly centers around a 16 year old girl who discovers that she and a small group of classmates are products of revolutionary genetic alteration that results in them have telekinetic powers. What genre (besides YA romance) would it be? People have told me Sci-fi, supernatural YA, and even Paranormal YA, and I haven't got a clue which is the right answer.
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2021.11.26 22:51 Aggravating-Aide-448 Anyone wanna play

Just leveling up mostly On xbox...BBQ Ribs#3334
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2021.11.26 22:51 throwaway-429 Choosing Parts for a Proxmox/TrueNAS build

I built first server with spare computer parts, right now I have a old asus motherboard, 8gb ddr3 ram, i3 2350M, and a 500gb HHD. Now after using it for a year, I learned many things like how to run Proxmox, TrueNAS, how to selfhost, website, ansible. The only problem was that everything was running slow (self hosted apps) because the pc couldn't handle it. I've chosen these parts because it's Black Friday, perfect time to get what I was looking for, for cheap. I only included what I was gonna purchase as the other stuff I already bought. Should I reconsider these items?
ASUS Prime B450M-A II
32GB DDR4 Ram
AMD Ryzen 5 1600
1x WD 6TB Drives (Shucked)
ADATA SU655 120GB (Boot Drive)
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2021.11.26 22:51 KennyHikes 211127 - [Message from HKT48 Meru Tashima, Nako Yabuki, Miku Tanaka, Akari Watanabe] 2nd Album "Outstanding" will be released on December 1st!

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2021.11.26 22:51 platypus178 Is battle for bikini bottom a meme speedrun?

View Poll
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2021.11.26 22:51 hkfTIkJN Best Gay Dating Sites Online For Whatever You Need

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2021.11.26 22:51 MothMiIk Is this Charizard supposed to be fully textured?

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2021.11.26 22:51 Spoookytiger Battlestar and Mike are cuddling and Ike Is jealous

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